Job Vacancy

Friday. 18th January, 2019

We have 2 job positions available. You may apply for any of the jobs if you qualified in any of the following:

1. Support Person:
Are you able to type quickly, and speak fluent English?
We are in need of someone to work as a support person responding to customers inquiries both on email support requests and on live chat. And the person also will handle our facebook and Telegram updates.

2. Computer Programmer.
We are in need of a computer programmer who is familiar with the following languages: Javascript, Mysql, Php, css, html.
The person will be required to perform support work for our main programmer. Jobs will be assigned to you and you are expected to work on them and deliver as quickly as possible.

If you are interested in any of the mentioned job positions, please send your CV or application to [email protected]

Have a lovely day.

Getting Sold Out

Wednesday. 16th January, 2019

This is to inform you that the Modern Gas Station In Puebla, Mexico. Paying 3.5% Daily For 30 Days And 83% Capital Back On Expiration (Total return 188%) is getting sold out.

More than 66% of the funds required have been funded. You might use this time to have a closer look, and possibly buy a few shares.

Hot New Business Added - Paying 188%

Wednesday. 16th January, 2019

We are happy to announce to you that a new business has just been added to TracerWealth.Com. This is a viable and highly profitable business. We wish to invite you to get a few shares as soon as possible.

Details Follow:

Therapeutic Resort In Manaus, Brazil. Paying 3.66% Daily for 31 Days And 74.54% Capital Back On Expiration. (188.00%)

This is a beautiful and viable therapeutic resort in Manaus in the state of Amazonas, Brazil.

This peaceful and beautiful scenic resort has recently purchased hectares of grounds to further develop a bigger and more tourist magnet business.

The business is in urgent need of $120,000 at $6 per share.

The business offers 1 week free stay for all investors with investment of $5000 or more.

We recommend you get in with a few shares without delay.

Do Not Delay. Take A Look And Get A Few Shares!

If you have any questions, get in touch with us.

TracerWealth.Com Listed And Advertised On Invest-Tracing.Com

Tuesday. 15th January, 2019

Many regular online investors have requested that TracerWealth.Com should be added to Invest-Tracing.Com so they are able to monitor payments from a third party source.

We are glad to announce, that since the demand is much, we have listed TracerWealth.Com now on Invest-Tracing.Com and we have also placed some banner advertisements there.

Please note that we will ensure that our banners are always advertised there.

We wish to thank those that recommended that site to us. If you have any other site that is a good source of advertisement, please also let us know.

Most of our traditional investors may not understand monitors, but we hope that everyone is satisfied eventually.

Have a lovely day.

Update To Be Resent

Tuesday. 15th January, 2019

A new business was added yesterday and activated, and a newsletter was sent to all members to inform them. But many members have complained that they did not receive the newsletter.

This is just to inform you that the newsletter will be sent again to all members. So if you received it twice, please bear with us.

The newsletter will follow shortly.

Have a lovely day.